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National Center for History

cranfordThe Society is working to develop a National Center for History and Government Studies that will inform people around the world about our Nation’s history and the principles on which it was founded.

The Center will provide educational programs for high school and college students, teachers, and government staff, connecting them with leading scholars and experts on American political, military, and cultural history.

The Society is currently headquartered in the historic Cranford House, built by prominent businessman Joseph Cranford in 1906, and home of the American News Women’s Club. This elegant French Revival townhouse has been host to world famous luminaries for more than 50 years and is located in the heart of Embassy Row.

blairOne possible site for the future Center is the 4,000-sq-foot Blair Mansion in Silver Spring, MD, built in 1849 by Francis Preston Blair and currently under renovation. Montgomery County Parks owns the house and organized a community outreach event with American Heritage regarding plans for its use, which was written up in the Washington Post.

American Heritage has a library of over 13,000 books.

Working with museums and historical societies around the country, the Center will host conferences, develop television programming, and create podcasts. It will also partner with universities to offer DC-based educational opportunities for students.

Researchers and Fellows of the Center will have access to a comprehensive library on American studies with 14,000 catalogued books accumulated over seven decades.